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Product Code : UPS-01
Product Description

The deep impact from the house of UTL is a relatively new concept in the power sector. The deep impact of ups from the house of UTL packs all the features of an online ups in a compact form factor, further being transformer less the deep impact is extremely light and portable, making it easily installed in homes or even in offices. UTL’S DEEP impact range of online ups is a powerful, affordable and reliable backup option for your appliances
Available from the ranges of 1 to 3 KVA in the DC voltages 12 & 36 volts the deep impact range of ups is a product that is capable of taking care of the backup needs of your computers along with the other appliances.
1 KVA in 12Volts & 36Volts
2 KVA & 3KVA IN 48 Volts and 72 Volts resp. (in R&D)

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Active power factor correction
  • Communication option
  • Single inverter card
  • Battery to AC Isolation
  • Protections

Pure Sine Wave Output

 UTL’S DEEP impact is a transformer less high frequency online ups which provides a Pure Sine Wave Output thus making UTL’s DEEP impact totally fit for running heavy loads like lcds, Motors, computer servers etc. Underneath its hood the all the processes in the DEEP impact are controlled by a micro controller, being powered by micro digital technology the DEEP impact is highly efficient, extremely reliable and has a longer life span.

Active power factor correction

 With a power factor of over 0.95 UTL’S DEEP impact online ups is a true performer. The Active power factor correction applied in the ups enables it to save upto 40% more power. By reducing the power system’s demand through power factor correction, UTL is putting less strain on the electricity grid, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. Over time, this lowered demand on the electricity grid can account for hundreds of tons of reduced carbon production, all thanks to the DEEP impact’s electrical efficiency via power factor correction.

Communication option

 The DEEP impact online ups manufactured by the house of UTL has the option to connect to the internet via a built in Ethernet port at the back of the ups. When connected to the internet UTL’S DEEP impact online ups lets its user enjoy the freedom of monitoring its working from any where he likes may he be in any part of the world and be using any kind of internet device.

Single inverter card

 UTL’S DEEP impact online ups has a single inverter card which not only makes the ups’s circuitry neat but also increases its life and reduces the time and effort that would be required in case there is any breakdown. Similar products manufactured by other companies have multiple card architecture, thus increasing their failure rate and circuit complexity.

Battery to AC Isolation

Unlike in Chinese units, in UTL DI, Battery Ground and Mains Neutral are not common. Thus, it avoids any possibility of AC shock on battery terminals.  [Top]


UTL DI possesses many protections. Some of them are:

  1. Output short-circuit protection.

    When there is a short-circuit in output load, the system goes into Output short-circuit protection i.e. the system will shut down.

  2. MOSFET short-circuit protection.

    When we try to start the system when it is already in protection mode, the system goes into MOSFET short-circuit protection. It means that the system will not start in this condition, if the short-circuit has not been removed.

  3. Output over voltage protection.
    Whenever the output voltage goes higher than the prescribed value, the system goes into Output over voltage protection.

  4. Overload protection.
    When the Load is more than 105% of the rated Load, the system goes into Overload protection. If the system is in battery mode, then after 30 sec, system will shut down and if the system is in Mains mode, then the load will be shifted on Mains.

  5. Battery low protection.
    Whenever the battery voltage goes below 10V, the system goes into Battery low protection. This prevents deep discharge of the battery.

  6. Input AC over / under voltage protection.
    Whenever the Input voltage is out of range, the system goes into “Input AC over / under voltage protection” and moves to battery mode.

  7. Over Temperature protection.
    When the system temperature goes above 80
    °C, the system goes into Over Temperature protection i.e. the system will shut down.

  8. Reverse phase protection.
    When the Input Mains Phase is reversed, the system goes into Reverse phase protection.

  9. Battery reverse protection (through fuse)
    When we connect the battery in reverse polarity or the battery wire is shorted, the system goes into Battery reverse protection.

  10. Charging short-circuit protection.

    When the charging is going on, and the battery is shorted, the system goes in to Charging short-circuit protection. Tis means that the charging voltage will become zero and the charging resumes after the short is removed.

Power Rating1 KVA (12V , 36V) ; 2KVA (48V) ; 3KVA (72V)
Voltage RangeSingle Phase - 22O V + 20 %
Frequency50 Hz + 5%
Input Power Factor> 0.95
Electrical Connection6A, Indian Lead
VoltageSingle Phase - 220V , 230V
Frequency50 Hz + 0.05%
Wave FormSine Wave
Transient Response<8(10%~90% Linear Load)
Voltage Harmonic< 3 % (Linear load)
Overload Capacity110% 30 sec, 111 to 150% : 18 sec, >150% :1 sec
Crest Factor3:1
LEDBattery ON # Battery Low # Overload # Bypass # Mains High # Mains ON
LCD MeterOutput (Voltage & Frequency) # DC Voltage # Input (Voltage &Frequency) # Battery status # Load level
Db9 / USBRS232 (Optional)
Efficiency (AC-AC)> 85**(FULL LOAD)
Transfer time0 ms
Temperature0 ~ 45 `C
Humidity5-95 %(Non -Condensed)


"We are providing our products in North Indian regions only"